Rachael Ray Stainless Steel Cookware Review

Rachael Ray Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware SetThe Rachael Ray Stainless Steel 10 Piece Cookware Set is a very interesting cookware set that’s been put together by the great brand of Rachael Ray.

Here is some information to consider about this set:

  • Stainless steel is one of the best materials that your cookware can be made out of. It’s one of the classiest and most expensive materials for your kitchen, but it pays off to have!
  • This set also has rubberized handles which come in handy when you’re trying to reach maximum comfortability in the kitchen. This is great, so that when you go to move things around your kitchen it will stay perfect in your hand without budging.
  • The set comes with glass lids attached, which looks really nice in your kitchen. Although, if you’re prone to breaking things then you should be extra careful!

Now, let’s talk about why we chose the ratings we did for this product!

  1. Durability – As you can see, the durability of this product didn’t pair up well with some other Rachael Ray cookware sets that you can buy. However, that’s to be expected due to it being made from aluminum and stainless steel. Some people have had problems when the cookware set goes through heavy usage in the kitchen, and have experienced issues such as discoloration and broken glass. As long as you take care of your set though, you should be fine!
  2. Brand – The Rachael Ray brand is one of the best cookware set brands out there. They really value their customers, and they’re a famous brand who you can trust if you ever run into issues with your cookware. For this reason, they earned a 5/5 star rating.
  3. Price – Rachael Ray has been able to give out better prices on other cookware sets, but because this set is made from stainless steel it’s been priced a tad higher than usual. This isn’t a terrible thing though, because although the price is a little bit higher than usual for Rachael Ray, it’s still a good price for a cookware set.
  4. Design – The design for this cookware set is one of the best ones made by Rachael Ray. People love how this set looks in the kitchen, and if you take care of your set and avoid discoloration then you’re going to look great when you’re cooking for a long time.
  5. Features – The very important nonstick feature is one of the best parts about this set, which makes it so easy to wash and the food falls right off. When you’re cooking, this feature is a huge deal for you to consider, and it’s one of the main reasons why people love to cook with Rachael Ray cookware. Aside from that, the rubber handles which were mentioned earlier is also another great feature that’s a big part of this set.

Rachael Ray Stainless Steel Cookware Set Review

Overall, this Rachael Ray Stainless Steel Cookware Set is a great product for your kitchen! It’s well deserving of the high rating it’s been able to obtain, and is very above average. Although some other Rachael Ray products are just as good in some cases, this cookware set is a good one for you to try out if you want a nice stainless steel cookware set!

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