Rachael Ray Nonstick 14 Piece Cookware Set Review

The Rachael Ray Nonstick 14 Piece Cookware Set is something that’s going to be around for years in the markets for people to consider buying. You’re going to love this set, as it has enough material for you to use for a family of 8! You’re not going to need anything more from other sets with this, because the size that you’re getting is going to be more than enough.

Here’s some basic information for you to consider before we talk about why we reviewed this product the way we did:Rachael Ray Nonstick 14 Piece Cookware Set Review

  • With this specific set, you’re able to choose from 3 different colors. The bad thing is that some colors cost more than others, but if you’re dedicated enough about getting the right look for your kitchen, then you’ll spend the extra $20 for the color you want!
  • This is a moderately priced item for Rachael Ray cookware sets, some are more expensive but for the most part this is going for around the same price as most other Rachael Ray cookware sets. The good news is that they’re so cheap!
  • This whole set is oven and bake safe, so you’re going to be able to expose this to high temperatures like 350 degrees. You don’t need to worry about blackening your set, as it will stick through just about anything you put it through!

Now that you know the basic information behind this product, we can talk about the actual review section of this guide! 

  1. Durability – The product is durable. Let’s just put it at that. You don’t need to understand exactly how Rachael Ray has made it so durable, but people have raved and spoken for a long time about how great this product is at lasting in the long run. It’s very unlikely that you’ll see this reviewed as something that suffers from wear and tear, because that’s just not true.
  2. Brand – The Rachael Ray brand itself is something you need to be able to trust. Rachael Ray has put together a multi-million dollar brand, and with good reason. She has to keep her name on the line, so she’s done whatever has been possible to keep all of her products being top quality.
  3. Price – The price is a bit jumpy on this exact Rachael Ray cookware set, because of the color choices costing different amounts. But for the most part, the $130 price point is fairly common with this product, and through Amazon you’re going to be able to get it at a nice discount.
  4. Design – The color schemes and choices you’re going to be able to go through are more than enough for you to make a solid decision. They have everything you need to be able to choose the right one that will mesh with your kitchen!
  5. Features – This Rachael Ray cookware set has some great features, such as the popular nonstick feature and the rubberized handle feature. It’s so easy to clean and so easy to grip, that you need to be able to buy this product (or another Rachael Ray product) so that you can experience this first hand!

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