Pros and Cons of Glass Top Stoves

If you’re thinking about getting a glass top stove, then you should consider the pros and cons of glass stop stoves before you decide to buy one. Here are some pros and cons of glass top stoves for you to consider before you buy one:

glass top stove


  1. These stoves usually look pretty nice. You can see these in most nice kitchen stores, and when you have your cookware on a glass top stove it can end up looking really nice, adding a lot of visual spice to your kitchen.
  2. Easy to clean. When you have one and need to clean it, you don’t need to stress out about having to take a lot of time to clean these things. This is because they’re so easy to clean. There are even guides out there about how to clean a glass top stove.
  3. The heat on a glass top stove is usually dispersed very well, which is great for cooking! Nobody likes to have a stove which can’t cook things well due to having one part cold and the other part hot and ready to cook.

Now that we’ve talked about some of the pros of buying a glass top stove, we can begin to talk about some of the bad parts. Nothing is perfect, and this is especially true in the kitchen where you want to have the best of the best.

Here are some of the cons for you to consider:

  1. These stoves can break if you drop something on it. You have to be more careful when you’re using a glass top stove compared to using other types of stoves. Make sure that you have some cookware which is easily compatible with the glass atop your stove!
  2. You have to clean these very often. We said earlier that a benefit of these stoves is that they’re easy to clean, but that doesn’t mean that they stay clean all of the time. Just after one use and you might see a lot of leftover dirt and food on top of the stove.
  3. When food burns, sometimes it can be difficult to get the burn marks off of the stove. This is a little bit different from not staying clean, but it’s something worthwhile for you to consider if you think you’re someone that might leave the burner on too long!

Overall, you might want to think about everything we’ve written about in this guide before you decide you’re going to purchase a glass top stove. After thinking about it a little more, you can make an educated decision.

Some other types of stoves you can consider buying are:

  • Induction stove tops
  • Electric coil stove tops
  • Modular stove tops
  • Gas stove tops

These are some of the best stove tops for you to consider buying if you’re against a glass stove top. Hopefully our pros and cons list will aid you in deciding whether or not the glass is the best for you.

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