How Long to Leave Baking Soda on Ceramic Cookware

As an avid cooker, it’s a good thing for you to understand exactly how long to leave baking soda on ceramic cookware. If you’re someone who owns a cookware set which has ceramic material built into it, then you’re going to need to understand this so that you don’t absolutely destroy it!

Here are some of the main steps for you to follow when cleaning ceramic cookware:

  1. The very first thing you should do is to clean off all of your cookware. This means that you should get rid of any excrement which has been built up, and let all of your cookware soak in very hot, soapy water. If you have any issues with getting dirt and grime off of your cookware, this should do the trick. If not, then you should get a sponge or wash rag and start to scrub the pots and pans until it’s as clean as can be.
  2. You should then get your baking soda out and ready so that you’ll be able to have it available for use. You should keep all of your pans and pots wet for the next step as well, but make sure everything is tilted in a way where the baking soda won’t leak out when you apply it!
  3. You should then start to put on a small amount of baking soda evenly dispersed throughout each of your pieces in your cookware set. You should let this sit for at least 15 minutes, but you can allow it to rest like this for a half hour. This is the optimal amount of time for how long to leave baking soda on ceramic cookware. During this phase, you can read some of the best Rachael Ray cookware reviews on our site to pass the time.
  4. Next, you should get a sponge or wash rag and start to wash each piece of your cookware set individually so that you can get every last stain out of your cookware. For best practices, you should make sure to wash all of your cookware using smooth, circular movements and try your best to scrub out extra hard on any area which has the worst stains.
  5. After this, once you’ve made sure that every last stain is out of your cookware, you should begin to dry off all of the pieces of your ceramic cookware set. After everything is as dry as can be, you should be good to go! Sadly, some of the time you’ll find that a stain managed to stay through this process but didn’t show until after drying, at this point you should retry this method until it works!

Now that you know exactly how long to leave baking soda on ceramic cookware, you should be able to implement this deep cleaning method on your ceramic cookware. Baking soda is a miracle element which can really help you out when you’re trying to clean things off in your kitchen, just make sure you use it the right way!

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