Cuisinart Copper Cookware | How To Wash For The First Time

Washing your Cuisinart copper cookware for the first time shouldn’t be too different from washing any other cookware set made primarily from copper for the first time. As you should know, Cuisinart is a highly trusted and respected brand who’s able to make high quality cookware sets and similar products for your kitchen so that you can cook like a pro! Their copper cookware is one of the highest selling and most used type of product that’s out there, which is why this article was made. Now you can better understand how to wash it properly!

Copper Cookware – How To Wash For The First Time

When it comes to copper cookware, it’s a little bit different from other types of cookware sets. For example, in our last article we spoke a little bit about how you can go about cleaning your glass in your kitchen, and it’s a lot different from copper!

Here are the proper steps before first time use:

  1. You must be sure to wash your Cuisinart copper cookware before you cook anything! This is so important, because it can be really bad for your cookware to cook before you wash it.
  2. You must thoroughly wash your copper cookware with soapy water and a wash cloth. Make sure that you get every speck of dirt off of the cookware so that you’re 100% sure it’s clean and ready to use.
  3. Optional – You can also let your cookware sit in soapy water after you’re done scrubbing. You can let it sit however long you want, but make sure it’s sitting amongst warm water and soap.
  4. Rinse all of the soap off and dry the cookware to make sure there’s no residue left on it whatsoever.
  5. A very tiny layer of olive oil amongst every piece of the cookware set can do wonders. As soon as you apply the olive oil, you’re ready to cook for the first time with your Cuisinart cookware set!

After all of this, you should be ready to go!

Taking Care of Your Cuisinart Copper Cookware

If you’re interested in learning about how you can take care of the cookware after this, then here’s a small guide on how to do just that.

Make sure that you wash your cookware after every use. Nobody needs to get salmonella due to not washing off raw residue, and then beginning to cook your next dish. The Cuisinart copper cookware has been used for decades by a long list of highly efficient cooks, and if you wash it the right way and take care of as best as you can, you can use it for years to come and not have any issues with it!

Copper is one of the best materials to cook with! This has to do with many reasons, but some of the main reasons have to do with the fact that everything heats up evenly, which causes for even cooking of your food which can enable you to cook some really good dishes for you and your family to enjoy!


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