Why I Created TheNotSoSkinnyKitchen

Growing up, I’ve been surrounded by family members who were constantly in the kitchen, buying new cookware sets, and making food for our next family gathering and obsessing over what the next meal would be. I’m not the biggest cook, but I do live and breathe this information, which makes me one of the best people to listen to on the subject of kitchen gear and cookware. I know many people out there are ignorant when it comes to their kitchen knowledge, whether it be about what cookware sets to use and stay away from, to the best devices they should use in their kitchen! I’m here to supply you with that information!

Who Am I?

My name’s Rob Rouse Jr. I’m 18 years old and live in Ohio. I’m a student in college currently working towards a computer science degree so that I can be a software engineer. I know a lot about web development and SEO, so I thought I’d make this site! I’m driven by creation. I love to create new things, and I hope I can make this site successful!

How Can This Site Help?

This website can help you decide what’s best to buy, such as the best kitchen accessories and more! The United States alone is one of the most large countries in the world for per capita consumption of food on a daily basis. With over 300 million here in the USA alone who are trying to figure out new foods to try and how they can cook it, this site should be something which can help you out!